Head of the Housatonic, Saturday, October 9th

Crews launching at the Head of the Housatonic

Our first race of the year will be the Head of the Housatonic.  All boys not taking the SAT will travel to the racecourse with Coach Martin in a van leaving from Maher Avenue at 11:00am. We will get all the boats rigged in advance of those taking the SAT who will arrive in time to warm-up and launch.

We are asking rowers/parents to take some time this week to plan a parent carpool from SAT locations to the regatta site. The timing is tight, so please leave immediately after the SATs and try to get the boys to the sight in a timely manner.

Click here for information regarding directions and parking.

We will be racing four 4+s. The event is scheduled to begin at 3:40pm.

The yellow Brunswick tent will be in a prime location on the banks of the Housatonic.

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