Head of the Charles report

Brunswick had a great day at the Head of the Charles in Boston. The boys in the Varsity Eight set a lofty goal to finish in the top ten and met that goal today, finishing 9th of the 85 crews in their event. Top 10:

1. Marin Rowing Assoc., CA
2. Sammamish Rowing Assoc., WA
3. St. Paul’s School, ENG
4. Eton College, ENG
5. Boston College High School, MA
6. Gonzaga College High School, DC
7. Community Rowing Inc., MA
8. Newport Aquatic Center, CA
9. Brunswick School, CT
10. Oakland Strokes, CA

The result was Brunswick’s fifth top ten finish among schools and junior clubs in the Youth Eight category in the past nine years.

The Brunswick Four started off the day with a solid effort, but hit a lactic acid wall in the middle of the course and struggled through the last half of the three mile race. In the final tally, they fell to 61 crews and beat 23.

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